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At Amberley Beauty Clinic, LA CLINICA FOR SKIN & BODY is used to perform all facials. It is a cosmeceutical skin care line with a focus on visible results, efficacy, safety and organic ingredients. Its luxurious, high performance products cater to all skin types and conditions.

From a 30 minute Gly-C Peel, to an hour long pampering Firming Lift facial and everything in between, you will find something to suit you, and your skin. Facials are tailored to your skin's individual needs.

LA CLINICA FOR SKIN & BODY is a skin care manufacturer with its own manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Australia. All ingredients used are of the highest quality. With its use of maximum recommended doses of vitamins and actives, the products are so powerful as to be deemed cosmeceuticals. Natural, plant-derived, certified organic ingredients are used wherever possible – therapeutic actives, botanical extracts, essential oils, vegetable oils and waxes. Consumer health and safety are of the utmost importance, hence the omission of harmful chemicals, synthetic oils and fragrances.

LA CLINICA FOR SKIN & BODY’s quest for purity goes so far as to use spring water, rich in silica from its certified organic farm, qualifying its purity. This spring water is used whenever possible in the manufacturing process of LA CLINICA FOR SKIN & BODY products.

LA CLINICA FOR SKIN & BODY does not test its products on animals.