Resurfacing Skin Care Kit - Active 10%

Resurfacing Skin Care Kit - Active 10%

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The GLY C REFINE Stage 2 (Active) kit is suitable for those who have used and are comfortable with the Gly C Refine Stage 1 (Gentle) Range.

This kit contains maximum strength glycolic products that refine skin texture and clarify the complexion whilst helping diminish the appearance of damage, pigmentation and wrinkles. Ideal for wrinkled, scarred and sun damaged skin.

This kit includes:
GLY C REFINE Facial Cleansing Wash Gel 10% - 250mL
GLY C REFINE Toning Mist 8% - 100mL
GLY C REFINE Vitamin C Radiance Skin Oil - 15mL
GLY C REFINE Stage 2 Active Moisture Cream 10% - 50mL
GLY C REFINE Eye Cream 3% - 30mL
GLY C REFINE Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub - 125gr
LA CLINICA toiletry bag valued at $20

This kit contains $327.50 worth of products. Save $117.50 when you buy this kit!

LA CLINICA strongly recommends that the GLY C Refine Gentle Range is used before progressing to the GLY C Refine Active Range.